Measure, inform, act


MiVISU is a software of industrial design, widely used for more than 20 years by the managers of road networks in France.

With its modular design, it can meet generic operating needs (road flow supervision, winter maintenance, dynamic equipment control).

Constantly evolving, MiVISU integrates new functions (reserved lane management, dynamic speed control, real-time pre-signalization, wrong way detection, inter-distance alerts...) as techniques and objectives evolve.

It is, moreover, an open and documented tool on the basis of which other applications can easily be implemented.

MiVISU is edited by labocom

Key points

  • Industrial system running under Linux or Windows
  • Automated installation in 5 minutes
  • Centralized firmware update
  • Compatible with all types of road equipment

  • Operating license related to the modules used and the equipment pool
  • No operating fee
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Economic technical assistance

  • Long-term sustainable solution without performance degradation
  • High stability: constant load of processor and hard disk space. Backup mechanism included
  • Solid, robust design and 24-hour availability

  • System proven for 20 years on the largest French operating sites
  • Entirely developed by Labocom engineers, no dependence on a framework, middleware or external library
  • A system that evolves with new technologies

  • Collection & Processing of more than 50.000 measurements in less than 1s
  • Triggering of commands in less than 50ms

Basic features of MiVISU


MiVISU Performs periodic collections of all types of counting stations, radar, in order to constitute a metrological base


MiVISU allows to perform the piloting of different signal equipments, such as VMS, city signs, barriers...


MiVISU collects measurements from weather stations or sensors. It also allows a web access to interfaces dedicated to winter maintenance.

Specific features of MiVISU

Traffic control

Measurements collected by MiVISU are used to drive dynamic equipment in "traffic control" strategy.


The MiVISU Clic is an intelligent module that connects to field equipment to enhance its capabilities

Trafic Live

Virtual camera

MiVISU can display individual measurements as a virtual camera.

Travel time

MiVISU can calculate travel times through bluetooth (or other) station detections and display them on your signs.


Bridges and tunnels

In the case of an event detection, MiVISU can close a highway by driving over 200 dynamic devices in less than 3 seconds.


Winter viability

MiVISU can trigger automatic presignals based on configurable weather criteria.


Outsize detection

Connected to lidar sensors MiVISU allows the automation of emergency closing on detection of outsize vehicles.

Pilotage automatique de PMV


MiVISU embeds a rules editor allowing you to automate the behavior of each of your panels based on real-time contexts.

Weigh in motion

MiVISU interfaces with existing weighing equipment and provides real-time detection of overloaded vehicles.


MiVISU can manage the storage of vehicles in a parking lot and automate the display of information panels.

Event management

MiVISU can manage the display of a multi-channel axis equipped with lane assignment signals according to one or more events (stopped vehicle, accident)

Emergency call station

MiVISU is able to interface with an emergency call network to allow supervision of functional and technical status.

Traffic light controller

MiVISU Technical and functional supervision of fire controllers (Diaser / Modbus)

Wrongway detection

With your counting stations, MiVISU can generate wrongway alerts, provide, if available, a video of doubt removal, and automate message displays on your signs

Pre-signal traffic jam

MiVISU can detect traffic jams based on the feedback from your traffic counting stations and provide automatic signal so that users are warned in advance.

Fuel prices

MiVISU PaPriCa is the integrated application of MiVISU that provides all the secure tools for petroleum companies to plan the display of fuel prices on dedicated signs.

Thanks for your trust

Present for more than 20 years in the road sector, several hundred MiVISU sofwares are operated on public and private metropolitan networks, overseas (Guadeloupe, Reunion, Guyana...) as well as abroad (Poland, Hungary, Wallonia, Philippines, Senegal...).