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Labocom is the publisher of the MiVISU Solution. Created in the 90s, it is today the reference solution of a large number of road operators, cities, departments and French regions.

Modular in design, it also adapts to the generic needs of road measurements (counting, road weather, individual measurements) and dynamic road equipment (PMV, PRIS, after-sales service, police signs, barriers, BRA, CAC, Fire Controllers)

MiVISU is composed of a core, providing the basic functions of equipment collection. Around this one, many functional bricks (Pilotables) can be activated to benefit from additional functions, specific treatments

In addition, MiVISU is an open and documented tool on the basis of which business applications can easily be implemented.

MiVISU Features: Case Samples

Below you will find a selection of applications, based on real cases, presenting examples of services that MiVISU can complete for you. By clicking on each of them, you will have access to a simulator illustrating precisely the case.

Real-Time Traffic Map

MiVISU produce maps that displays traffic conditions in real time. Maps can be viewed bay a Web Browser. The colorisation of road lanes show the trafic status (FreeFlow, Heavy, Congested, impossible)

Trafic Live

Traffic live

Through the MiVISU Clic module ,directly connected to your Counting Station, MiVISU clic displays a live camera, with vehicles animation on a segment of the road. In addition MiVISU Clic is able to enrich the usual measures (Flow - Speed - Occupancy) with more relevants indicators

Bluetooth Travel Time/Speed

MiVISU can elaborate Travel Times through many types of equipment. Did you know that it could do so through bluetooth detectors?

Wrong Way Detection

By connecting MiVISU to digital camera, Radars, Loop station, MiVISU can identify Wrong Way driving events, get the video of the event, show the event on a specific Web Interface with the video, start a vocal alarm and automaticaly activate specific warning messages on VMS.


Lane Variable Signs

Among the services provided by MiVISU, one of the oldest is to set Lane Signs. This case, based NTCIP controlers, show the management of Lane Signs on a Bridge.


Weather conditions

MiVISU can collect meteorological data from the common Meteorological Stations. Our MeteoWeb interface display real time information with a specific graph tool designed to analyse the data trends.


Oversized vehicle Detection

Problems typically associated with tunnels, MiVISU allows automation scenarios of emergency shut-down on detection of Oversized vehicle approach.

Pilotage automatique de PMV

Automatic VMS Message composition

MiVISU can automatically compose VMS Messages, based on the events (Wrong Way, excessive Speed..) and on Measurements (Weather condition, Saturation, Jam). In this case, a MiVISU Clic is connected to a sensor in a road Shelter, Transmit alarms to the main MiVISU Instance (CTMS) witch activate global VMS Messages.

Security Control Panel

MiVISU allows the control of scenarios through Control Panel. An accident? An emergency shut-down? Activate the corresponding switch and all the equipment concerned will then play the related security scenario.

Car/Truck Park Occupancy

Based upon Input/Output measures with counting stations or, per individual Magnetometers MiVISU can display parks occupancy on Maps and on reliant VMS.

Events Management

This demo shows how MiVISU can manage one or more events (vehicle breakdown, accident) and automaticaly set the Variable Lane Signs Displays.

Emergency Call Boxes

MiVISU can be interfaced with a ECB network, control the line and technical status, and trigger actions (activate vocal message, redirect call, sens messages to VMS..)


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Present for almost 30 years in the road domain, there are today hundreds of MiVISU bodies present on the metropolitan public and private networks, overseas (Guadeloupe, Reunion, Guyana ...) and abroad (Poland, United States, Philippines, Senegal...).

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