MiVISU Features

MiVISU Clic Presentation

Thanks to him, you add new functionalities to your existing equipment , which can avoid, among other things, heavy investment in renewal. For example, MiVISU click, associated with a radar sensor, add a new virtual camera feature, Wrong Way Drive detection, excessive speed alert, Trafic Jam warning... And converts on the fly in SIREDO LCR / DIASER / NTCIP language regardless of the native protocol of the equipment.

MiVISU clic: the brain of your equipment

Embedded in a small box (200g/0.3amp) connected directly to a ground equipment, MiVISU clic concentrates all the power of a MiVISU in the heart of a small CPU. His goal: increase the intelligence of your base equipment and enable it to learn new behaviors and features: you expand your current equipment at make it evolve at a lower cost.


Here is the list of services that MiVISU Clic offers you as well as those who will enrich its possibilities soon:

  • Process individual detections included
  • Protocol and language Emulation (TEDI-LCR-DIASER-NTCIP) included
  • virtual WebCam (WEB Trafic Live) included
  • New measures (Free Speed, Capacity limit, Time lost, Trafic status indicator…) included
  • Wrong Way detection included
  • Traffic Jam detection included
  • Short time gap danger detection included
  • Automatic Display on connected VMS included
  • 3G/4G Connexion included (According to model)

Trafic Live Camera Feature

Trafic Live is a service of MiVISU Clic that activate a virtual camera in order to see the traffic in real time, from a Web interface. Directly accessible via the network address of your equipment or indirectly through a MiVISU instance, with this interface new measures and proposed (time lost, Free Speed, Truck speed, gap etc...).

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